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Listed below are some of CBHV’s standard reports. Reports are critical in ensuring that all accounts are received properly and in assisting our clients in tracking recovery performance, no matter how big or small.

CBHV also offers client access web, which allows our clients to securely view activity on their accounts from any location, as frequently as daily reporting. All reports are transferred securely online to ensure that no data will be lost or stolen. Achieving a high level of transparency, our reporting procedures allow each client to verify and audit our work at any point during the collection process. All systems of reporting are 100% compliant with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Dependable, secure and flexible, our reports aren’t built for CBHV; they’re built for your business.

Custom Reports
CBHV can often accommodate your requests for customization at no cost. Our reporting software platforms have been developed with the capacity to match each client’s needs to easily track the progress of individual accounts, or the portfolio in whole. Communication of custom reports can be set daily, weekly or even monthly depending on the client’s preference.

Daily Acknowledgement Report
This report is sent to you each time our office receives new accounts to collect. It verifies that the accounts are in our computer system and that collection activity has begun.

Monthly Remittance Report
This report is provided to you each month along with our check showing all payments on your accounts.

Status Report
This report is provided upon request and shows the collection status of your accounts.

Closed Report
This report shows all accounts closed as uncollectible during a specified time period.

Placement Analysis Report
This individual report is a performance analysis report showing individual monthly placements for the past two years and summary (annual) placements for seven years. It also shows collections made on a batch basis against the individual placements.