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Credit Reporting

CBHV has the ability to place collection items on consumer’s credit reports that are past due. We maintain this service for our clients by utilizing e-OSCAR (the online solution for complete and accurate reporting). This online browser-based, Metro 2 compliant system allows us to process automated credit dispute verifications (ACDVs) and automated universal data forms (AUDs).

In compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), CBHV works diligently to provide complete and accurate information to credit reporting agencies. It is our duty to properly investigate disputed information, correct any errors, or provide an in-depth explanation as to why the credit report is correct in a timely manner. Our process in compliance with FCRA involves a professional and respectful report to all consumers, informing he or she of any negative information which will be placed on their credit report.

Lastly, in compliance with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), our team makes priority to provide each client account with the required disclosures, accurate information, and complete consumer compliant and dispute resolution process – all in a civil and honest manner.