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CBHV’s legal department in conjunction with Paul L. Marks, PLLC handles all New York accounts in timely manner. His staff works very closely with the client, as well as the collection staff to obtain the correct information to justify legal action.

If a debtor refuses to make any attempt to pay an account, and attachable assets or employment is verified, CBHV will recommend that legal action be taken. At that point, a “Suit Authorization Request” letter is sent to the client. Once the client verifies the balance as correct and gives written authorization for legal action, a lawsuit will commence. CBHV advances all court costs and attorney fees. Costs are transferred to the consumer’s bill and are paid for in full by CBHV. Our clients never lose money, even in the event that the consumer does not relinquish to us their debt owed.

We currently expedite over 200 lawsuits a month for our clients. A computerized system has been developed, which allows for the efficient processing of the paperwork associated with each lawsuit. Some of the procedures used to insure prompt and vigorous disposition of all legal accounts are:

  • Consultation twice a week with the process servers, to insure timely serving of summonses (a major problem in many legal offices)
  • An automated tickler file system for the timely processing and filing of all paperwork
  • CBHV personnel are utilized to perform any required asset or employment searches
  • Periodic follow-up with county sheriffs and city marshals to insure prompt handling of bank/property levies and garnishees

CBHV manages a national network of attorneys for past due consumers who reside outside of NY State.